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LOW-COST SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC. FIRST EVER AT CVAR!CVAR’s first low-cost spay/neuter clinic was held jointly with Spay To Save (STS) and Olympic Mountain Pet Pals (OMPP) on September 26th at CVAR! Thirty-six cats and dogs were spayed or neutered in our new medical clinic and in the STS Mobile Clinic (Van). We are grateful to STS and OMPP for participating and for STS’s experienced leadership on this project. Dr. Robert Nathan operated in the CVAR clinic and Dr. Karen Meuller operated in the STS Van clinic. Donna Regester from OMPP helped all day long as did multiple CVAR volunteers. CVAR plans to do monthly clinics and our next Spay/Neuter Clinic will be Oct.26th. The clinic will serve lower income families. Appointments only! Call Sara at 360-765-0598 for further information or to make a clinic appointment.

Jefferson County Animal Control has now awarded permanent custody of the 11 dogs, 11 goats (3 were born at CVAR) and 17 chickens. The chickens are now available for adoption, as are most of the goats. The male dogs have been neutered and are available for adoption. The female dogs will be spayed on 10/18 and will then be available for adoption. One dog was adopted this week and another may head for a new home in New York!

CVAR will host its’ first Girls Night Out (at CVAR) on 10/22/16. Girls of all ages are invited to enjoy beverages and snacks. Pamela Zelen will be at the ranch to show her LulaRoe clothing line. All items will be available for sale. The fundraiser will benefit CVAR’s New Roof Project. Please join us from 4:30 to 7:30 pm at the ranch, 11900 Center Rd., Quilcene, WA.

CVAR Cats In Prison????
Yes, it’s true! Three cats so far, "Link", "Precious" and "Zippy", are now in Clallam Bay Correctional Center. No crime was committed by these incarcerated cats. Rather, the cats will be enjoying one-to-one attention and training. CVAR has jointed forces with the Welfare Animal Guild (WAG), Sequim, to provide cats for the prisoners to train. The cats are being halter/leash trained and clicker trained to perform basic tasks. WAG started a dog training program at the prison a number of years ago and convinced the prison that they "should give cats a chance". WAG deals primarily in dogs and so, asked CVAR if we would provide cats for the project. Stay tuned to see how the cats are doing and possibly more cats headed CCBC way.

Fire Safety Has Taken A Big Step Forward at CVAR
Thanks to a grant from the HTB Family Foundation CVAR has improved its fire safety program. A smoke alarm system has been installed in every animal room as well as all the hallways, office and common areas in the main building. The system is monitored off-site 24/7. If a fire is detected the Quilcene Fire Dept. is notified immediately. A special locked box was purchased and installed for the Fire Dept. just outside CVAR’s from gate. Only the Fire Dept. has keys to this locked box. The last phase of the project was to install appropriate fire extinguishers in designated places. The surgery room will have a special CO2 extinguisher. If it is used the surgery room will remain sterile. It is wonderful to know we have done our best to make our domestic animals as safe as we can from smoke and fire….and our Volunteers!

Save the date: Saturday, December 3rd, for our Holiday Open House, 11:00 am to 4:00 pm at CVAR! Always a popular event, with food, raffle items and chair massages, this is a fun way to get in the holiday spirit and help our animals. You’ll have a head start on getting some of those holiday gifts for others!

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