Fair Gardeners’ Corner Contests are coming right up!

The Gardeners’ Corner
at the Quilcene Fair
Join us Saturday, September 17, 2016 9am to 4pm
in the MultiPurpose Room

Help Celebrate Quilcene: A Community with Heart!

Prizes, Ribbons and Fun Galore for All Ages!!
Enter to win in the following categories

*Longest zucchini
*Largest circumference pumpkin
*Heaviest tomato
*Best Jam (No jelly this year) Bring printed jam recipe. No judging without jam recipe and processing directions written down.
*Prettiest preserved vegetable
*Most beautiful Flower arrangement

And especially for Kids…ages 5-12 years a New Category!
Make the scariest vegetable monster!

To enter any contest: Bring your contest entries to the Quilcene School Cafeteria on Fri, September 16th between 4pm and 6pm. Thanks!

Sponsored by the Quilcene-Brinnon Garden Club

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