This year’s Family Beach Party — Thanks to all for a GREAT SUCCESS!


This THANK YOU note is sent by Carol & Brian Barker, stalwart Beach Party managers for several years . . .


In spite of dark thunder clouds over the Olympics, the sun shone in Quilcene for the Sixth Annual “Last Day of School” Swim Event, making it an awesome afternoon at Herb Beck Marina on June 16, 2016.

Along with the traditional Swim to the Float Race, Magic Card games, various Tug of War games and Beach Activities were highlights of the afternoon. The Quilcene Fire Rescue crew members were especially popular. Twana’s pizzas, Quilcene Village Store’s ice cream and Sharon McClaine’s cookies were also enjoyed by all. With over 140 students, parents and friends, this was another jump in attendance.

Led by Dan Milholland and Justin Lake, the Jefferson County YMCA assumed leadership for the event this year, which was much appreciated by Count Me In for Quilcene Board members who initiated the annual event in June 2011. Dan Milholland of Thunderbull Productions organized events, was a spirited Master of Ceremonies and kept the action going. Nate Malmgren returned once again as the DJ with cool music.

From fund-raising to event planning and conducting the activities, many hands and hearts made it a great event. Thanks to all of you who had a part in making the event successful!

Volunteers were:

Carol and Brian Barker, Linda Herzog and Stan Nealey, Tom and Cass Brotherton, Sharon McClain, Gale Sumpter, Tanner DeLuna, Camille Michel Hildebrandt, Erica Delma, Sara Ybarra Lopez, Dana Nixon, Laura Albert, Eli Mahan, Bob Rosen (photographer), Solomon Dusseljee, Tanya Barnette, Cougar George, Adrian Trollsplinter, and the awesome Quilcene Fire Rescue crew.

Event Partners were:

Count Me In For Quilcene, Jefferson County YMCA, Thunderbull Productions, Port of Port Townsend, Quilcene Village Store, Quilcene School District, Quilcene Fire Rescue, Twana Roadhouse, Munn Bro’s Hood Canal Properties, Jefferson County Parks and Rec., Jefferson County Library, 4H, Cedar Root Folk School, Whistle Stop Toys, Jefferson Aquatics Coalition, Mountain View Pool and Quilcene Community Center.

Generous Donations were given by:

The Roger Evans Family Fund, the Munn Bro’s Hood Canal Properties, Tom and Cass Brotherton, Kristin Kennel and Raj, David and Christine Sattlerlee, and the Boeing Bluebills.

Volunteers for the Herb Beck Marina beach preparation were:

Stan Nealey, Brian and Carol Barker, David and Christine Satterlee, Bob Bindschadler, Alan Herold, and Chuck Gibilisco.

Many thanks to all of our enthusiastic volunteers and also to our energetic Quilcene students for making it an awesome afternoon!! Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Carol and Brian Barker

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