EMS Levy ballots arrive TOMORROW — IMPORTANT to vote right away!

As soon as you receive your ballot, I encourage you to vote RIGHT AWAY! Why?? Because the "get out the vote" calling team will be starting to phone people on Tues or Wed, By that time we will have a list from the Elections Office of all the people who have already returned their ballots. Those names will be removed from the call lists.

Therefore, you will avoid getting another pesky phone call by getting your ballot in early. Plus, the calling team will have less work to do trying to contact everyone to get out the vote.

It’s quite possible that the people at the EMS Levy Information table outside the Post Office will have an unofficial ballot collection box on their table from mid-morning tomorrow on through the day. If they do, they can accept your sealed and signed ballot.

They will keep ballots safe until Monday morning, and then take all of the collected ballots up to the County Courthouse and put them in the official Ballot Drop Box on the second floor.

Thereby you save 49 cents, and you don’t have to risk misplacing your ballot or forgetting to send it in.

Its an option . . . feel free to take advantage of it!

Thanks for your support of Quilcene and our Fire District!
> Linda Herzog
> 206-794-9449

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