Visit the MADE IN QUILCENE booth near the Food Court at the Quilcene Fair — Saturday

Look for the table with the BIG WOODEN Q and a collection of wood-crafted items that are both beautiful and practical. And look for THIS NECKLACE being worn around the Fairgrounds by your friends and neighbors.


In case you haven’t heard . . . an enthusiastic team of Quilcene residents has been meeting for several months now, to form a “cottage industry” featuring handmade items created here. The point is to provide opportunities for Quilcene folks to learn, make, market, and earn money from high quality hand-crafted items showing Quilcene’s natural resources and “native” talent.

The team is exploring the possibility of Made in Quilcene becoming a community co-operative that everyone will be able to join and profit from. Big dream, yes. But well within the realm of possibility.

How can YOU get a Q-and-pearl necklace? Come over to the booth and complete a short survey questionnaire to let the team know the kinds of skills and crafts that interest you, either as a teacher or a learner. Completing the questionnaire allows you to make a donation to help Made in Quilcene become a reality. The necklace (or earrings if you prefer) is your reward for letting the team know you’re interested in this venture.

Your questions and comments are welcome at the Made in Quilcene booth near the Food Court.

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