Petition asking County to move quickly on Hwy 101 safety project

On Monday we delivered the following petition to the County Commissioners at their regular weekly meeting. There are still petition sheets available for YOU to sign if you have not yet done so. Tell the clerk at the Quilcene Village Store that you want to add your name to "the petition about highway safety".

Petition to Jefferson County from Quilcene Residents

September 2015

We the undersigned ask that you proceed with the WSDOT Complete Street Grant for Highway 101 in the core area of Quilcene. We are concerned about losing more of the purchase power of the grant or losing the grant entirely. We have already lost 10% of value of the grant in the years since it was awarded. We want a safe community for our kids.

There were 100 signatures of Quilcene residents on the petition at the time we turned it over, with an appeal for action. (We also delivered to the BoCC an email we received objecting that this project would be a waste of WSDOT money. If there are other such messages you want delivered to the Commissioners, please send your email to quilcene.conversations)

The petition doesn’t require the County to do anything. But we believe the expression of Quilcene citizens that they are concerned about safety along their "Main Street" will help to get results. Nearly $900,000 was granted by WSDOT over 2 years ago to address safety issues along the highway. By this petition we are hoping the County will begin the "development" phase of the project — getting Quilcene residents together with traffic engineer professionals to collaboratively design highway safety improvements.

If you agree that NOW is the time to get this project up and running, it will be helpful for you to go down to the Village Store and sign the petition. We will make another delivery of petition signatures next Monday morning, Sept. 21.

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