Toandos Coming Sat. Aug. 15th – The Woodland Band at the Community Center

Saturday August 15, 2015 at 7:30 PM
The Woodland Band

Woodland brings a blend of high octane bluegrass, country and zydeco to the Americana music scene. Based out of Seattle, the band combines melodic solos, catchy rhythms, and three-part harmonies with both male and female-led vocals. Improvisational soloing from the banjo, mandolin, and tenor guitar make every performance a unique experience for both the band and the audience. With influences ranging from Bela Fleck to Alison Krauss to Pink Floyd, Woodland has carved out a unique place in Seattle’s rich music scene.

The band:
Chuck Dunklin – Tenor Guitar
Stephanie Ward – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Luke Yanz – Vocals, Mandolin
Dan Monte Calvo – Vocals, Banjo
Amir Rio – Percussion, Back-up Vocals
Dan Rogers – Upright Bass

Sound samples:

“Coal Train Rain”

Laurel B. Johnson Community Center
923 Hazel Point Road
Coyle, WA 98376

Admission: by donation
Genre: high octane bluegrass, country and zydeco
Age: all-ages
Complimentary cookies, coffee and conversation at intermission

Your hosts,
Norm & Sol Johnson
83 Hazel Point Court
(360) 765-3449

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