Heartfelt message of THANKS to those who contributed to the FIFTH ANNUAL LAST-DAY-OF-SCHOOL Beach Party

Thank you!!!

What a day! The “Last Day of School” swim-float event (on Friday, June 12) was awesome with more students and family members attending than ever before (over 85). Count Me In for Quilcene (CMIQ) and Olympic Peninsula YMCA, Jefferson County Branch, co-sponsored this event. On behalf of all Quilcene students and families who attended this outdoor event, a big “Thank you” and “Congratulations” to those who made it possible:

The Roger Evans Family (provided base funding . . . very generous)

Quilcene Fire Department (personnel with awesome skills, fire truck, beach fire and fun with students)

Chief Larry Karp (with safety message)

Bob Rosen (event photographer)

Josh Mahan “King Neptune” (greeted swimmers reaching float)

Jim and Bruce Munn (who provided gifts for finalists)

Stan Nealey (safety boat skipper)

Gear Head Deli (Debbie and Larry Williams providing meat and cheese for croissant sandwiches)

Jim Speer and Penn Cove personnel (who repaired, towed and secured the swim float)

Greg Brotherton (providing tables and tents from Quilcene Fair)

Veda Wilson and Food Prep Class at QHS (preparing over 72 croissant sandwiches)

Brian and Carol Barker (organizing event and donating prizes)

Linda Herzog, CMIQ President (who started this event five years ago and helped at this event)

CMIQ Board Members David Neuenschwander, John Helsper and Tom Brotherton (helped at event and supervised)

Dr. G, QHS Principal (for congratulating his students and staying dry

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