Be at the All-Quilcene Community Meeting this Saturday at 3PM!

You’d BETTER be at the All-Quilcene Community Meeting this Saturday!



Let’s call that Reason #2

Now the only thing missing is Reason #1 . . .

You really CARE about Quilcene.

And you want to suggest your own ideas on what we can do for this community, side-by-side with your neighbors.

Thanks in advance for participating in the

All-Quilcene Community Meeting.

It’s shaping up to be a lot of fun.

In case you missed the prior emails, here are the rest of the

TEN GOOD REASONS to come to the community meeting . . .

  1. Meet NEW friends and discover the richness of our community.
  2. Enjoy yummy food & beverage treats that may even satisfy your dinner needs.
  3.  Hear about / think about Quilcene now, and in our near-term future.
  4.  See if there’s any new “project” that tickles your fancy.
  5.  See who ELSE wants to help make that thing happen.
  6. Find out who’s doing what around town, and join them!
  7. Try out your OWN great ideas / see who else is thinking along the same lines.
  8. Meet some of our elected officials. Many will be there.
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