Beautification Work Party June 14th 8am – 1pm

The Quilcene Conversations Beautification Team needs your help with a work party.

Its happening in Quilcene on Saturday June 14th starting at 8am and going until 1pm.

It is happening at the “Triangle Bed” located on Center Road at the Little Quil River, near East Quilcene Road, Brush Plant Road and Frank Beck Road.

The Triangle Bed is a small wedge shaped piece of land that used to have dumped trailers and garbage on it. Paul and Mary Schmidt bought it and donated the land to the Quilcene Museum. It is right on the boundary of the Worthington Park property and offers many advantages. There is an old cement bridge over the river in back (the old Center Road crossing) that is really picturesque.

There will be a crew doing the improvements including heavy equipment. The work to be done includes placing massive boulders (for sitting and for beauty) along with some weeding, some mulch spreading and raking.

If anyone could come down and help with the work that would be great.

The Quilcene Museum, as well as the Quilcene Conversations Beautification team, would really appreciate it!

Thank you! Bonnie


Bonnie Story
360 765 0967

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