One year at the new SHOP!!

Stop in at the Plaid Pepper, and wish them a happy anniversary at the Josephine Campbell Building!

The Plaid Pepper, Downtown Quilcene, WA.

We recently passed a milestone at the Plaid Pepper, Sept. 15 was our one year anniversary at the new location. We are very happy at this new location.  The owner of the building keeps the grounds up very nicely and we get so many compliments.  Chuck Thrasher (the owner) has already started on his Christmas display!  So stay tuned for what will be another incredible attraction for the town of Quilcene.  

Our summer was filled with hot days and hot dogs.  We made it to so many special events and met so many special people this year we just want to thank the community of Quilcene, Brinnon, Port Townsend and Port Ludlow.  Image

If you haven’t been in please stop by and see all the local products and more.  These ducks are from metal artist Mark Priest out of Kingston.  He also makes fish, dogs, pink flamingo’s and much much…

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