Learn about / talk about Metro Park District at Saturday OPEN HOUSE


This coming Saturday, June 1, 2013 we’ll have our chance to learn about the possibility of a new Metropolitan Park and Recreation District to cover the areas in Jeff County (including Quilcene) where there is no Park District now. The citizen MPD Steering Committee has been meeting / studying / analyzing the details for a very intense past few months. But opportunities to speak directly with the citizens who will be affected have been limited. Saturday morning’s Open House (at the Chimacum School) is designed specifically for that purpose.

Here is the Steering Committee’s official announcement of the Saturday event:

The Metropolitan Parks and Recreation District (MPD) Steering Committee is holding an Open House on Saturday, June 1, 2013 from 9:30am to 12noon, at the Chimacum High School Library, 91 West Valley Road, Chimacum, WA. The agenda will be: 9:30am doors open, gather, 9:45am introduction and overview; 10:00am small group discussions around tables on the topics of existing programs, goals and enhancements, finance and budgets, district boundaries, and more info needed; report back from small groups, discussion and questions; public comment will be taken at 11:45am, the meeting will be adjourned at 12:00noon. For more information please contact Matt Tyler at 360-385-9129, or email mtyler.

This is important! We all need to know how a new Metro Park District would affect our families, the maintenance of our parks and campground, the recreation programs available to our kids, our access to programs and recreational facilities in other parts of the County, and of course our taxes. The Steering Committee needs to hear our questions and concerns, and take those into account as they continue their deliberations.

We may not have another chance like this to get our questions answered, and to be sure the Committee hears our concerns.
> SATURDAY (next!) JUNE 1
> 9:30am to noon
> Chimacum High School Library
> BRING YOUR QUESTIONS — Think about this beforehand, and write down your Qs to be sure they all get asked. For instance, I’ve already heard questions like this around town:
> If a Metropolitan Park District is formed, will all the park and rec services we now have be continued?
> Will there be MORE programs, services and facilities than we have now?
> What will happen if we DON’T form a Metro Park District? Will there still be sports programs for our kids?
> How would a new District decide which programs and services are most important if budgets are tight like they are now?
> How will the boundaries of a new District be determined?
> BE THERE IF YOU CAN. Everyone needs to be well informed on this topic! If you can’t make it, give your questions to a friend, or send your questions to the Steering Committee via email.

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