Quilcene Fair Raffle Update

Friends and Neighbors:

Hello, my name is Denise Karp and I am the wife of the Fire Chief in Quilcene. Since I am still relatively new to the area I wanted to get involved and I would like to make sure that this project is a success for the community. I have volunteered to head up the Raffle for the Quilcene Fair on September 20, 2014 and I could really use your help. I would really appreciate your continued support this year as in years past with the donation of gifts for the raffle.

This year’s theme is “Quilcene: Gateway to Olympic Mountain Hiking”

We are asking for contributions for our raffle table of merchandise, cash, or gift certificates. Your donation would be very much appreciated by the Quilcene Fair.

Your donation is tax deductible. We are a non-profit organization (501 c3 Tax number is #91-1715264).

Fair profits are donated back to the community in various ways; such as Dollars for Scholars, beautification projects, the food bank, Quilcene Museum, etc.

Please contact me and I will make sure that we get your generous donation picked up for the raffle, or if you prefer to mail it to me, please send it to me directly so that I receive it in a timely manner at:

Quilcene Fair Raffle
% Denise Karp
P.O. Box 246
Quilcene, WA 98376

Thank you in advance for your continued support.



Denise Karp

QUILCENE FIRE RESCUE – very important message

Last week our Fire Chief held a meeting at the Laurel B Johnson Community Center to bring the message to Coyle about the Fire District’s financial needs and the Fire Commissioners’ intention to place a levy lid lift on the November General Election ballot. I understand there were not many people at the meeting. But a Coyle citizen who did attend sent this message and encouraged EVERYONE

> who owns a home or property
> who may have a traffic accident
> who may have a medical emergency
> in other words, ALL of us
> to pay close attention to the Chief’s and the Fire Commissioners’ message.
> The continuation of our Fire District’s services is in jeopardy. We need to understand why, and what can be done about it.
> Here’s a summary of the message from our friend who attended that Coyle meeting:
> To see what you missed, go to the YouTube video of the Fire Chief’s original presentation on June 12 at the Fire Station in Quilcene:
> Quilcene Fire Rescue Community Meeting June 12, 2014
> http://youtu.be/H1Nr2De57Dc
> Video Description: Quilcene Fire Rescue needs to ask the voters to approve a tax levy lid lift in the November 2014 election. In our goal to get the word out to as large a percentage of the residents as possible we held a public meeting in the fire station to lay out our needs. The meeting was attended by about 80 residents. It’s the largest meeting Quilcene has had in years.

> The Chief’s entire PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded from the Fire District website QVFD.org. Here’s a direct link:
> June 12, 2014 Community Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
> What left me, and those in attendance, thunderstruck was the dire implication that failure to pass the levy lid lift could have on our regular homeowner’s insurance.
> Here is what I learned and what I would like to help my neighbors become aware of:
> Everyone’s premiums are directly affected by the FD Washington State Ratings Bureau (WSRB) rating is a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the lowest.
> In Quilcene, we currently are rated at an 8 which is low but acceptable for a small rural community such as ours.
> Without the on-duty Fire/Rescue Residents, which would be the inevitable outcome of failure to pass the levy lid lift in November, we would be rated at ten. (Find out more about the Resident program in the video.)

> I urge homeowners to do what I just did right after the meeting — call your insurance agent. Ask them to walk you through the scenario of our WSRB [Washington State Ratings Bureau] rating slipping to a ten. At that rating of ten, some homeowners could find themselves suddenly without coverage. This is not a fantasy, this is cold reality.

> My company, Pemco, says that at a rating of ten they could continue to insure me, but it surely would cost an additional $200 a year in premiums PLUS conditional “enhancements” to the policy – extra riders – that are VERY expensive. She said it would be probably be triple the extra $200 annually just in the enhancements.

> So the key question we discussed at the community meeting was – If you are going to be paying through the nose for insurance without the levy passing, why not just pay the levy? it’s much cheaper, and then you get something in return: Fire Rescue services!!

> Call your insurance agent!! Remember that having fire insurance is a requirement for mortgages. Even if you don’t have a mortgage, but want to sell your home or land to someone that needs a mortgage, with a rating of ten that may not be an option.

> This is not a scare tactic. It’s just cold facts about the insurance industry and fire protection levels. Since we live in the middle of remote tree-farm country, these issues really matter.
> Take the time to find out!!! Call your agent!

TONIGHT 7PM in Coyle: Quilcene Fire Rescue funding Issues

Quilcene Fire Rescue funding Issues

Quilcene/Coyle – Quilcene Fire Rescue has called a community meeting for Wednesday July 9, 2014 at 7:00pm at the Laurel B. Johnson (Coyle) Community Center to discuss its future as a fire/EMS agency.

“Between the 1% limit on annual tax increases, the loss of the timber tax and skyrocketing costs we cannot sustain our present spending without a levy lid lift in 2014.” said Fire Chief Larry Karp. “We
do not have the funds to continue our resident firefighter program beyond 2014”.

The resident firefighter program consists of the two firefighter/EMT’s that are on duty 24/7 to respond to emergencies within Quilcene and Coyle. Without the members of the resident firefighter program
we only have two EMT’s that live in Coyle and no certified interior firefighters.

Chief Karp said, “the community has a big decision to make. Our only options seem to be, eliminating the resident firefighter/EMT program or raising taxes to cover our costs. There is no other way for the fire district to continue providing all the services we now provide to the community. “

The fire district would like to meet with the public to discuss the current financial state of the district and to explain the options. Chief Karp said, “we’re always open to questions and constructive comments.”

The all-community meeting will be at the Coyle Community Center at 7:00pm on July 9th. The public is encouraged to attend.

It’s anticipated that the fire commissioners will make a final decision on the proposed tax increase at their regular board meeting on Monday July 14, 2014 at 7:00pm

Any questions can be directed to Chief Karp at (360) 765-3333 or in person at station 21

Quilcene Gardens Monday Tomato Class at noon!

Stop by Quilcene Gardens and check out the berm garden. We were able to get the entire garden planted by donations from
> Midori Farm, Serendipity Farm, and Quilcene-Brinnon Garden Club! THANK YOU!!!!!!
> Tomorrow at noon Doug a local tomato grower will be bringing us some grafted tomato plants. He will also shows us how to stake and care for our tomato plants.
> Juanita and Anita

Open this Week – The Picket Fence!

The Picket Fence is a local destination shopping experience, specializing in handcrafted & one-of-a-kind finds! A family tradition for 20 years! Great place for gift shopping and holiday decor, garden art and more.


July 2nd-5th
We look forward to your visit!

21 Dutch Lane Quilcene, WA 360-774-0444


Follow the signs, when we are open – the signs are out!

  • Head South on Hwy 101 from Quilcene, going towards Brinnon.
    Dutch Lane is on your left, just past mile marker 296.
  • If you are headed North on Hwy 101 coming from Brinnon,
    we are just past the Big Quilcene Bridge, on your right.




Forest service seeking input on road system

Olympic National Forest officials is hosting a series of meetings to determine which Forest Service roads are most commonly used.

The information will be used to help the Forest Service create a financially sustainable road system that meets diverse needs and minimizes environmental harm.

The public can also submit comments online at fs.usda.gov/goto/olympic/sustainableroads. Questionnaires are also available at any Olympic National Forest office. Comments will be taken until Aug. 31.

These meetings are from 4-7 p.m.

Here is the schedule:

June 25: Quilcene Middle School, multipurpose room, 295715 U.S. 101, Quilcene.

July 17: Port Townsend Community Center, 620 Tyler St., Port Townsend.

Read more here: http://www.theolympian.com/2014/06/09/3172625/forest-service-seeking-input-on.html?sp=/99/988/107/#storylink=cpy

Port Commissioners will meet in Quilcene Thursday June 26) evening

The Port of Port Townsend will hold its regular meeting this week on THURSDAY June 26 at 6pm at the Quilcene Community Center.

Come to this meeting to hear the Commissioners’ early discussions about the 2015 budget, and to let them know what you’re thinking about the Quilcene Boat Haven, Herb Beck Marina, the surrounding beach and park area, and other Quilcene needs.

Public comments are invited by the Commissioners at the beginning and the end of the meeting. See the agenda below.

Port Commission Meeting
this coming Thursday 6/26
6:00 pm
Quilcene Community Center

Port of Port Townsend

2nd Monthly Meeting Agenda

THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 2014, 6:00 PM

Quilcene Community Center

294952 State Highway 101, Quilcene, WA

I. Call to Order / Pledge of Allegiance

II. Approval of Agenda

III. Consent Agenda

A. Approval of Public Workshop Minutes – June 11, 2014

Approval of Meeting Minutes – June 11, 2014

B. Resolution No. 614-14 – Authorizing Sale of Abandoned Vessels

C. Approval of Warrants

IV. Public Comments (not related to Agenda)

V. Second Reading (Action Items)

A. Jefferson Co. International Airport – AWOS Update

B. 2015 Budget Process

VI. First Reading (discussion only)

A. Mutual Aid Agreement

B. Peninsula Trails Coalition MOU

VII. Potential Immediate Action Items (unanimous Commission approval required)

A. BFP Authorizing Resolution No. 615-14

VIII. Staff Comments

IX. Public Comments

X. Commissioner Comments

XI. Next Meeting/Public Workshop: Wednesday, July 9, 2014. Meeting at 1:00 PM,

Public Workshop at 9:30 AM, Port Commission Building, 333 Benedict Street, Port Townsend, WA

XII. Executive Session (if called):

XIII. Adjournment

YMCA Summer Meals Program at Quilcene School

Volunteers needed – Please contact Patti Herold -pawherold or 360-301-1153.

The 2013 Summer Meals Program was a big success! Over 5,000 healthy snacks and meals were served to over 160 area youth. The YMCA will offer the same programs in the summer of 2014 with a goal of serving 10,000 snacks and meals to more than 300 youth!

The 2014 Summer Meals Program offers FREE nutritious snacks and meals to ALL youth ages 1-18. Meal service is open for 1 hour after start time.

Join us for a delicious lunch and snack at the following location:

Quilcene: Monday-Friday, June 16th-August 22nd 2014
Time: 12:30p.m. Lunch and 3:30p.m. Snack
Location: Quilcene School, Room 16 (off the courtyard behind the front building)
Cost: FREE!
In addition to the Summer Meals Program, we will also host free enrichment activities in Quilcene for youth 5-12, Monday-Friday, June 16th-August 22nd from 12:30p.m. to 3:30p.m. Youth are encouraged to participate in both the Summer Meals Program and enrichment activities.

Thu Jun 19: Ukuleles Unite leads Open Mike at Twana Roadhouse

> Big fun with the Ukulele Open Mike
> at Twana Roadhouse in Quilcene
> This is one of the friendliest open mikes in our region. Ukuleles Unite will be leading the open mike at the Twana Roadhouse in Quilcene. Thursday, June 19 from 5:30 to 7:30. Come and hear what a ukulele can really do. No cover charge. Major fun.

> And did you know that the Twana Roadhouse is the home of the 101 Brewery, family owned and operated since 1996. Now offering House-made Microbrew Beer.

Please read the Multi-Year Plan for Quilcene Fire Rescue!



Please read the Multi-Year Plan (PDF) for Quilcene Fire Rescue, prepared by Chief Karp and the Fire Commissioners!

This doc is everything-you-need-to-know about Quilcene Fire Rescue (new name) and our future fire and emergency response services.  Only 10 pages long.  You’ll be glad you’ve read it prior to the Thursday evening meeting at 6:00.


Thursday – day after tomorrow – June 12

6pm at the Firehouse

70 Herbert St, just off Hwy 101

Fire Chief Karp and the Fire Commissioners will describe the current status of fire/rescue services in the Quilcene district (including Coyle).  And they’ll explain the tough decisions we all need to make to keep the services we now have.

EVERY CITIZEN of the Quilcene Fire District is affected by this.  We all need to hear, think, and get answers to the important questions about our future.

See you there . . . We all need to pay close attention to this!