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Recruiting for Seal Rock Campground Host

Dean Yoshina, our Hood Canal Ranger (Olympic Nat’l Forest) is asking for help to find a Campground Host for the beautiful and popular Seal Rock Campground. Here’s his message:

Hi folks, can you spread the word about this critical host position for the Seal Rock Campground located in Brinnon, WA. The hosts are scheduled to start in early May, prior to the start of shrimping season, and finish in October.

Interested candidates can contact Nicole LaGioia at nllagioia or 360-765-2213. Thanks for your help

Dean Yoshina
District Ranger and Staff Officer – RHLM
Forest Service

Olympic National Forest, Hood Canal Ranger District

p: 360-765-2201
c: 360-981-9101
295142 Highway 101 S.
Quilcene, WA 98376
Caring for the land and serving people

Fruit tree grafting class! Monday April 6th at 3PM at Quilcene Gardens

NEW: Fruit tree grafting class! Monday April 6th at 3PM, come rain or shine. Instructor: Eric Hendricks of Overbrook Farm in Brinnon. Please bring your own scion wood, there will be rootstock available for purchase at the class. Please visit QuilceneGardens.com for directions and lots of info about the gardens and gallery. RSVP required so enough rootstock can be ordered! To RSVP, and for questions, contact Anne at quilcenegallery@yahoo.com.


Tourism/ Economic Development Position Open!

New Member Recruitment

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS) Advisory Council is now accepting applications for the position of Tourism/ Economic Development alternate.

Candidates are selected based on their expertise and experience in relation to the seat for which they are applying, community and professional affiliations, and views regarding the protection and management of marine resources. Applicants who are chosen will serve for a 3-year term through 12/31/17 and will be able to reapply for up to two subsequent terms. Applications are due March 31, 2015.

The application kit can be downloaded here (1.6Mb pdf) or picked up in person at Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, 115 East Railroad Avenue, Suite 301, Port Angeles, WA 98362.

For more information, please contact Karlyn Langjahr, Sanctuary Advisory Council Coordinator via e-mail at Karlyn.Langjahr@noaa.gov by phone at (360) 457-6622 x 31
Norma Klein, Office Administrator via e-mail at Norma.Klein@noaa.gov by phone at (360) 457-6622 x 10 or by mail at the address listed above.

Great news in the PDN about Quilcene School Garden Program!!


QUILCENE — The Quilcene School garden program received a substantial financial boost last week with the awarding of a $10,000 grant for building structures and paying for materials.

“This is a good program because it gets kids to realize where their food comes from and gets them out digging in the dirt expending energy,” said Heather Sanders, who teaches first and second grades.

“They get to see a life cycle, how compost breaks down and feeds the soil again.”

The grant, awarded Thursday during the weekly class, is from the Jefferson County Community Foundation’s Giving Circles program, in which 10 people commit to contributing $1,000 per year for three years, with yearly grants awarded in support of a single program.

Carla Caldwell, the foundation’s executive director, said Giving Circles allows groups of people to pool their funds so they can make a greater impact than each could make alone.

Caldwell said the foundation received eight grant requests and chose the Quilcene program because it best fit its goal of supporting local food programs that have a potential long-term benefit.

Garden coordinator Zach Mayne, who works with the students every Thursday, said he’d like to use the money to build a classroom and a small kitchen where students can prepare the food they harvest.

As Mayne spoke about his plans, he was interrupted by a young girl asking plaintively, “Can I please have just one piece of kale?”

“They live on it. They gnaw on that stuff,” Mayne said.

“You can teach art in the garden,” he added.

“You can teach math in the garden by showing them how to count seeds.

“It creates a template . . . to get across the basic concepts.”

Added teacher Gary Perless: “This is an incredibly effective way to get kids connected to the land and to appreciate good food.”

During the check presentation, two members of the circle, Julie Gertler and Kris Morris, were on hand.

“We just saw the kids out here having a good time. They had no idea they were doing something important,” Gertler said.

“This is filling an immediate need but also has some long-term benefits,” Morris said.

“The kids are here from grades K through 12.

“They can plant a tree in grade school and watch it grow all through high school,” Morris said.

Greg Brotherton, a member of the Quilcene School Board, said part of the reason his family moved out to the country “was to get a little closer to the earth.

“It’s great to see the kids get their hands dirty.”

For more information about the Jefferson County Community Foundation, go to www.jccfgives.org or call 360-385-1729.


Jefferson County Editor Charlie Bermant can be reached at 360-385-2335 or cbermant@peninsuladailynews.com.

Recap of Feb. 28 All-Quilcene Community meeting

A number of people who were unable to attend the All-Community Meeting on Saturday Feb 28 have asked for a summary of what happened there. Altho we don’t have “minutes”, I (Linda Herzog) will do my best to summarize the main points, and then we’ll send you reports one by one from the Facilitators who managed the discussions in each of the four corners of the room on Feb. 28.

Please know that even if you were not at the meeting, your participation is very welcome and very needed to make the selected community projects the best they can be. As you receive each of the “Corner” reports, we’ll provide you with contact names and email addresses/phone numbers so you can climb on board with the projects you find most interesting.

The event began (at 3pm) with a 20-minute “social” meant especially to provide opportunities for folks new in Quilcene to meet others, and for everyone to catch up on the latest news around town. Pizzas were provided by Twana Roadhouse, along with many pot luck side dishes and dessert items contributed by meeting attendees. Yummy!

The event was Standing Room Only, even with some 90 chairs. Included in the crowd were all 3 County Commissioners, the Sheriff, Auditor, Assessor, DCD Director, our district PUD Commissioner, School Superintendent and a School Board Member, representatives of Quilcene Fire Rescue, reps of Jefferson Health Care and our South County Clinic provider, Community Center Director, Food Bank Manager, Dollars for Scholars Pres, Quil Historical Museum Bd Members, Quilcene Fair organizers, Jeff County YMCA, Habitat for Humanity and the Habitat Store, and organizers of several Quilcene community-benefit projects and activities. Many many of these folks are also Quilcene residents. We have a remarkable assemblage of dedicated and energetic community leaders.

The meeting was hosted by Count Me In for Quilcene, our federally-recognized 501(c)(3) community non-profit agency. CMIQ President Cass Brotherton summarized the purpose of the organization – to generate, manage and distribute funding for community-benefit projects chosen by the community and managed by teams of Quilcene residents. Cass introduced the CMIQ Board Members (CMIQ has no staff / only community volunteers), and announced that CMIQ had generated $27,913 in cash and $16,816 in in-kind donations over the past 3-1/2 years, in support of 27 different community projects.

Linda Herzog gave a brief history of the community-wide Quilcene Conversations effort that began 4-1/2 years ago with a community meeting to address the loss of Quilcene’s last gas station. In the months following that meeting, 120 Quilcene residents participated in a series of ten living room discussions to identify community assets and needs, and propose projects and activities to preserve our assets and address our needs as a community. On Feb. 19 of 2011, a “Y’all Come!” community meeting selected the best and most do-able of those projects, and the community was off and running with great energy and self-determination. That 2011 meeting became the model for this event, including participants’ self-selection into any of the four corners of the room, to discuss new projects community members could mount in those four topic area “Corners”. (See Corner descriptions below.)

The Corner Facilitators were introduced; each Facilitator enticed meeting participants to join his/her Corner for the best discussion . . . guaranteed! And each of the Corners was the best, just in different ways. Corner Facilitators and their topic areas were:
Brian Barker – Support for Families, including Services and Recreation
John Helsper – Quilcene Beautification
Bonnie Story & Carol Christiansen – Marketing the Town
Tom Brotherton – Economic Vitality and Jobs

Following an intermission with food and chatter, participants settled into the Corner of their choice. Facilitators shared lists of the community accomplishments and successes over the past four years in the Corner topic area. See those lists attached to this email. There you will see solid evidence of the outstanding dedication of Quilceners to their community. This is an amazing place!

Corner participants were encouraged to review the projects listed four years ago but not yet accomplished, to add their own new ideas in the topic area, to discuss all of the ideas on the table, and then select one for accomplishment within the coming six months, and a second project requiring longer term effort and perhaps additional resources (read: money). Count Me In for Quilcene was identified as an organization that could likely help with financing new projects, at least on a modest scale.

After a little more than an hour of Corner Discussions, the entire group reconvened to hear what each of the Corners had come up with, and who within the Corner had stepped forward to lead a planning-and-doing team to make each project happen.

Within the next couple of days, you will see (here on a message from the Quilcene Google Group) a separate posting that reports the results of each Corner group discussion. They will tell you WHAT project(s) they chose, WHO volunteered to lead the team of volunteers for each new project, what the next project steps will be, and HOW YOU can sign up to join a project team.

Following adjournment of the meeting, participants milled around the room, finding the Team Leaders they wanted to talk to, and signing up to help with the projects they found most enticing.

You can expect great energy and big successes out of this gathering. The energy was high, and the commitment to Quilcene was palpable.

Watch this screen for project ideas YOU feel are most important to make Quilcene an even better place to live.

Landscape spring tidy-up work party at Quilcene Museum gardens, Saturday the 14th, 9AM

Please help at a work party to tidy up the landscaping at the Quilcene Historical Museum. Join us on Saturday morning, tomorrow, at 9AM until 1PM.

Please dress for rain or shine, bring a snack and drink and your favorite garden tools.

With your help, the Museum’s new Memorial Gardens will be readied for unveiling at the Museum’s Opening Day on April 18th. Thank you!

Reminder: Tonight Fri. Mar. 13th 7:30pm Buddy Mondlock at the Community Center

To see the entire original version of this message with photos please click here: http://us3.campaign-archive1.com/?u=11618c375b06efd8e0f40203b&id=a2cdc0b9c8

Tonight! – Friday March 13th at 7:30 PM
Buddy Mondlock on tour from Nashville

A folk singer and songwriter who has written works performed by Garth Brooks, Guy Clark, Nanci Griffith, Art Garfunkel, Joan Baez, David Wilcox, Janis Ian, Peter, Paul & Mary, and others.

Accompanied by Mike Lindauer on a 5-string fretless bass and vocal harmonies. Mike is also the bassist for Al Stewart (Year of the Cat) when touring the US.

Website and song samples at: www.buddymondlock.com

Quotes about Buddy Mondlock by the Media:
“He brings innocence, warmth and soul with a soft-spoken voice whose power has struck the hearts of fans in this country and abroad. In a Songwriters’ Olympics, he’d have a pile of gold medals.” Ellen Light -Focal Point, St. Louis , MO

“As acclaimed as he is as a songwriter, he is a fine performer who can create his share of magic with his high clear voice and inventive acoustic guitar.” David Johnson – Boston Globe

In 2000 Buddy was approached by producer Billy Mann who had a unique project in mind. Buddy collaborated with the legendary Art Garfunkel and the wonderfully musical Maia Sharp. The three of them wrote and recorded an album together called Everything Waits To Be Noticed, released on Manhattan/EMI in late 2002 to critical acclaim. The trio toured all over America and Europe in support, singing together like feathers in a wing.

Now Buddy is back with a new solo recording, hitting the road performing and leading songwriting workshops, and of course, writing songs. Cause that’s what he does and that’s who he is. Lean in and listen, you wont be sorry.

See Buddy Mondlock and Mike Lindauer tonight
at the Laurel B. Johnson Community Center
923 Hazel Point Road
Coyle, WA 98376

Admission: by donation
Age: all-ages
Genre: folk, singer/songwriter
Complimentary cookies, coffee, and conversation at intermission
Our link: www.concertsinthewoods.com

Your hosts,
Norm & Sol Johnson
83 Hazel Point Court
(360) 765-3449

Interested in electric cars? Check out this “Energy Lunch” info

March 2015 Energy Lunch – Tuesday, March 17th at the Port Townsend Community Center

Status of EV Development Activity Across Washington State

Key Speaker: Tonia Buell, Interim Director of Public/Private Partnerships,
Washington State Department of Transportation, Olympia WA

  • March 2015 Energy Lunch
  • 12:00 Noon and 3:00 PM
  • Port Townsend Community Center (PTCC)
  • 620 Lawrence Street (at Tyler Street) in uptown Port Townsend

Barney Burke, Commissioner of Public Utility District #1 of Jefferson County, will be present at PTCC to introduce Ms. Buell and to direct the Q&A for the Key Speaker presentation.

Electric vehicles [EVs] – electric cars, electric scooters, electric buses, and electric trucks – are rapidly becoming a routine option for transportation and delivery in Washington State and there is now a considerable amount of related activity within Jefferson County to increase EV ownership and use. Although only about 100 EVs are currently in use here, several hundred are projected to be in regular use by the year 2020.

This transition to EV use in general transportation and delivery is good for climate (no emissions), good for electric rate-payers (increased public utility revenues from sales of electric power for transportation), and good for the local economy (increased tourism, new jobs and businesses, replacement of fossil fuel imports with local electricity).

This EV transition in Jefferson County is a clear example of why the local energy sector is one of the brightest opportunities for economic development here. Individual EV investments and personal commitments to the positive changes EVs offer for transportation and delivery are expected (i) to rapidly increase the number and variety of locally owned EVs, (ii) to broaden the scope and capacity of local facilities for EV charging, and (iii) to gradually promote county EV use by residents, businesses, and tourists so that electric trips gradually replace fossil trips.

This transition will be addressed by our Key Speaker for March, one of the leading authorities in Washington State on EV development who has great enthusiasm for EV use.

The March Key Speaker is Tonia Buell, Interim Director of Public/Private Partnerships at the Washington State Department of Transportation in Olympia WA, who will discuss her experiences throughout the state with building EV ownership, with arranging for installation of EV charging stations, and with promoting EV use.

Following her presentation, Ms. Buell will answer questions raised by Energy Lunch attendees.

All residents, business people, farmers, local event organizers, and government officials are encouraged to attend this important presentation on the future of electric transportation in Jefferson County

Those who plan to attend at noon are welcome to bring a brown bag lunch. Good sandwiches and other brown bag food is available at Aldrich’s, Pan D’Amore, and other nearby locations in uptown Port Townsend.

The Jefferson County Energy Lunch Program is funded by nine Local Sponsors: Power Trip Energy, Sunshine Propane, Huber’s INN, the Alaska Power & Telephone Company, the Port of Port Townsend, Frederickson Electric, the Port Townsend Paper Company, WSU Extension Jefferson County, and Port Townsend Friends of Energy Lunch.

Thank you.

Rick Van Auken
Programming Coordinator

This Friday 7:30 PM: Buddy Mondlock at the Community Center

Friends and Neighbors,
> Coming this Friday March 13th at 7:30 PM
> Buddy Mondlock on tour from Nashville
> A folk singer and songwriter who has written works performed by Garth Brooks, Guy Clark, Nanci Griffith, Art Garfunkel, Joan Baez, David Wilcox, Janis Ian, Peter, Paul & Mary, and others.
> Accompanied by Mike Lindauer on bass and harmonies. Mike is also the bassist for Al Stewart (Year of the Cat) when touring the US.
> Website and song samples at: www.buddymondlock.com
> Acclaimed singer/songwriter Buddy Mondlock is widely respected by his peers and fans alike and regarded as a real songwriter’s songwriter. He appeared on the PBS television special "Great Performances" in 1996 with Peter, Paul and Mary where together they sang Mondlock’s song "The Kid." Nanci Griffith fans will recognize Mondlock’s "Comin’ Down In the Rain" from her Grammy award winning collection, "Other Voices, Other Rooms." In 2003 Buddy toured North America and Europe with Art Garfunkel and Maia Sharp in support of their trio album titled "Everything Waits To Be Noticed."
> See and hear Buddy Mondlock and Mike Lindauer live this Friday
> at the Laurel B. Johnson Community Center
> 923 Hazel Point Road
> Coyle, WA 98376
> Admission: by donation
> Age: all-ages
> Genre: folk, singer/songwriter
> Complimentary cookies, coffee, and conversation at intermission
> Our link: www.concertsinthewoods.com
> Your hosts,
> Norm & Sol Johnson
> 83 Hazel Point Court
> (360) 765-3449